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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Drew Marshall on the Georges, Weird Al and belching. (Hmmmm)

On Saturday I spent about 15 minutes with Canadian radio host Drew Marshall, who talked about many things ... but mostly about my cookbook "Sunday Dinners."

If you'd like to listen to the interview, click here and scroll down to the text that's about my interview. There will be a download icon and it will tell you what to do. (right click, save as ...)

Drew's a funny guy and lead in with music from Weird Al Yankovic (sorry, I cannot explain the connection because there really isn't one) and then started talking about his mom's food and all of the wonderful dishes she made. The next day was, of course, Mother's Day, so this was focusing on moms, great family dinners and the famous pastors in my book.

He's now hungry for the Jakes family baking powder biscuits, George Foreman's berry nut salad and wants to know what it would like to be in a belching contest with any of them. Possible? Maybe. But not really probable.