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Monday, December 12, 2011

Politics, religion and sports

There are people who say that when you get together with friends or family, you shouldn't talk about politics, religion or sports. I'm glad those folks don't invite me over.

I grew up in Indiana, a state crazy for high school and college basketball and lived in the football-crazy city of South Bend, Ind., - home of the University of Notre Dame - for several years. For the past dozen years I've lived in Texas, where they're crazy for sports of all sorts.

So it's hard to imagine a very long conversation with anyone that doesn't touch on at least one of those three topics. Lately, plenty of people are talking about all three, wrapped up in Tim Tebow. His haters say he's not a good football player; that he's just not pro material. His Florida Gators were national champions, and he won the Heismann trophy. Now he's playing for the Denver Broncos - where fans have dubbed him the "Mile-High Messiah" - and people are scratching their heads over the team's six consecutive wins.

After Sunday's overtime stunner, the Associated Press quoted Tebow saying: " If you believe, then unbelievable things can sometimes be possible."

Do all of those armchair quarterbacks really think he's not a good football player or do they just not want him to be a good? And why? Could it be because this young man not only is Christian, but talks openly about it?
Society can't get enough of bad boys who lie, steal and cheat. Bad boys with baby mamas and children they don't support.

Then along comes Tim Tebow, son of a missionary, who isn't shy about bending down on one knee or of saying that he asks God to help him play his best. For that people hate him?

I'd say that just makes me want to keep watching him win. My team, the Houston Texans, just clinched the AFC South Division title, so we're playoff bound. But that won't stop me from keeping an eye on the Broncos and watching No. 15 pull off another win.

And with every W, Tebow gets another conversation going and, perhaps, creates another believer.

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