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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Getting closer to launch day

I recently spent much of a day busy with a chore that was hardly a chore: I packaged up copies of my new book, "Sunday Dinners: Food, Family, and Faith from Our Favorite Pastors," to send to many of my sources for the book as well as to a handful of friends and family.

My laptop recently caught a cold -- the kind of virus that wipes out every single thing on it -- so I lost every address I had for the people I interviewed for the book. I combed through paper files, filled out mailing labels, bundled up books in standard-issue bubble-wrap envelopes and headed to the post office with two boxes heavy with books.

It was exciting to see them off, hoping that when they land in the hands of the people who are in them, those folks will smile as broadly as I am.

The book finally goes on sale Tuesday, Sept. 10. The countdown is on!

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